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Memory Lane (play) by sachiko394
Mature content
Memory Lane (play) :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 2
Robin and Hood: Partners in Crime by sachiko394 Robin and Hood: Partners in Crime :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 3
Ritual of War
Ritual of War
First movement:
The earth will quake and shatter with every step.
The wind will freeze with my breath.
The air will burn with my wrath.
I will guide them to deaths door.
Second movement:
When darkness falls, bearing War
In all her might,
The end is near, the end is nigh.
The blazes part for her,
And her paralyzing flight.
The end is near, the end is nigh.
And here we meet, for she bore
You here, in your pain, and in your ire,
To fell the foe that was never a friend.
Bring out your blade, and descend, descend.
For all that remains is the void, in the end.
Your enemies will fall and crumble, side by side.
Their end is near, your end is nigh.
And both will stand no more.
:iconsachiko394:sachiko394 1 10
Solomon 'G' Buchanan by sachiko394 Solomon 'G' Buchanan :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 1 0 Chapter 3 of Star Wars fanfic (revised) by sachiko394
Mature content
Chapter 3 of Star Wars fanfic (revised) :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 0
Boredom.... by sachiko394 Boredom.... :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 2 4
Mature content
Chapter 2 of Star wars fanfic :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 3
Chapter 1 of Star wars Fanfic
Chapter 1
Present year, 2135, 50 years after occupation.
This being an account retelling of the world that my team and I
have come from, and the one we came to.
Two faces, smiling down at me, saying something that I could
never hear. Then a bright, flashing light, and fire engulfed
those warm faces full of love. Then floating in nothingness,
surrounded by crimson. Someone calling out to me, struggling
to move to the voice, only to feel stabbing pain every time I
My eyes snapped open, my body launching its upper half into
a sitting position. Damn, why do I always see the accident each
year? Throwing my covers off, I walked over to the bathroom.
Turning the cold water on, I splashed some on my face. I looked
into the mirror, to see a reflection of myself. A 22 year old
girl with long black hair and bangs, which had undertones of
indigo, falling in tangles around my face- a stereotypic Asian
face to be exact.
The only astonishing thing on my face would be the different
eye colors I
:iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 6
Preface of Star wars Fanfic
The War-on-Terrorism took a turn for the worse in 2018, and
the other half of the world that wasn't in it already, joined
the fight. It became bloody and drawn out, another dark and
blood red stain on human history; lasting nearly 30 years.
A hasty cease-fire was made as self-destruction became imminent
in the year 2028. That's right; Mother Nature hurled her
almighty wrath down on the inhabitants of Earth. In other words,
Global Warming: a topic that was part of Earth's history for so
long, and was completely ignored, took a 180 turn, and bit us in
the ass.
A hole in the ozone appeared over Russia, and another down in
Brazil. The sky, once a clear blue, now almost an unrelenting
white-yellow. The northern lights, once a wonder of the world,
now became an aspect of fear as they were now seen over almost
every single country. Freak storms plagued half the world, while
the other half suffered from famine ad starvation.
Every nation poured all its resources to try and prevent
:iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 3
Clyde Jameson by sachiko394 Clyde Jameson :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 3 Don't Blink by sachiko394 Don't Blink :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 1 0 Bridge of Light by sachiko394 Bridge of Light :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 2 6 Be still, and Know I am by sachiko394 Be still, and Know I am :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 0 Sitting on the Dock by sachiko394 Sitting on the Dock :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 2 0 Otto, the Autobiography of a Teddy Bear by sachiko394 Otto, the Autobiography of a Teddy Bear :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 0 2 Otto, the Autobiography of a Teddy Bear by sachiko394 Otto, the Autobiography of a Teddy Bear :iconsachiko394:sachiko394 1 0


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hokay, so i've been suckered into continuing a short i did for creative writing class, the end result being.....
GO CHECK IT OUT! please?… <----linkses, my friends do the art and fangirl (they're amazing multitaskers)

namely one with a dA! linkses---->


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Just use the username.
United States
that is classified information. if you care that much/ stalker mode/ whatever shoot me a message


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But if you have any suggestions, just holla!
sachiko394 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
dude no worries, you've got amazing stuff (actually I just go around favoriting everything, I swear I'm not a stalker)

DFTBA and all the other stuff that keeps the mojo and inspiration going
Demondog888 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for understanding. I don't think you stalk either. If I didn't want you to see, then I wouldn't post.
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